Youth Confirmation

  • For 8th-12th graders who wish to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and be a living sign of God’s presence in the world

  • Preparation consists of youth and parent/guardian attending and completing the classes (that may include service projects or other practical assignments), and closing with an integrated retreat for all participants. 

  • Reception of the Sacrament is typically in April/May.


Adult Confirmation

  • Adults must be over the age of 18, baptized Catholic, and have received the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

  • Candidate needs to be a practicing, active member of our parish community.

  • Candidate must complete parish catechetical 6-week program for Adult Confirmation, which begins after Easter.

  • Candidates must choose a Catholic sponsor (someone who faithfully lives out the teachings of the Church) who will accompany them throughout the process.