As we (Holy Apostles and you the parent) begin this journey together, it is important to think about the role parents play in passing the Faith on to their children. This parish will support you in many ways, but it is the parents who have the greatest impact on a child’s faith and faith development. For more information, contact Peggy Armstrong at 719-484-8726 or

Essential Components for Reception of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

  • Your child shows interest in and asks questions about the Mass and Eucharist

  • At least 1 parent/guardian should be a practicing, active member of the parish

  • Parent/guardian must provide a copy of the child’s Baptismal certificate during the classes for First Reconciliation

  • Must enroll and complete 1st Reconciliation prior to 1st Communion

  • Your child must have completed the previous year of formal religious education in a Catholic School or parish program, AND be currently enrolled in faith formation

  • Your child must have attained the age and/or use of reason (7 years old or older)

  • Parent/guardian and child are expected to participate in the Sunday Mass every week

  • Parent/guardian and children must attend all Preparation classes

  • Parent/guardian are willing to participate and supervise all parts of the preparation process (includes classes, ritual, prayer services, etc.), and make sacramental preparation classes a priority


Diocesan Sacramental Preparation Guidelines