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RCIA2Are you or someone you know interested in learning more about the process of entering the Catholic faith?  Come and learn why Catholics do what they do and what Catholics believe about God, Church, and family life in Christ. 

These first informational sessions are open to people who are not baptized, as well as those who are baptized Christians from Protestant or Evangelical backgrounds, and would like full communion with the Catholic Church.  

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Mary, Star of Evangelization 

O Mary, Star of Evangelization, 
Intercede with your Son 
 to bring about in each of us 
a renewed enthusiasm for our faith. 
Inspire in us the courage and zeal to live the Gospel 
and to bring Christ to everyone we meet. 
Open our hearts to the gift of the Holy Spirit, 
the agent of evangelization, 
and enable us to transform the world 
 in the image of your Son.

O Mary, Star of Evangelization, 
enlighten us with the radiance of your Son, 
walk with us in faith, 
strengthen us in hope, 
and unite us in love 
as we strive to become disciples in mission.

We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.


 Many Thanks to the Diocese of Portland Oregon for use of the image and prayer text!