Case Statement

The mission of Holy Apostles parish is about loving God and our neighbor by Encountering Christ and Making Disciples.

Our Challenge:

Our campus has been serving this community faithfully for over 30 years. But now we are at the point where major systems are failing. Our interior spaces are well-used and that’s a good thing! But after 30 years they can appear over-worn, outdated, and even neglected. This can be an obstacle to sharing our love for the beauty of the Gospel. Over the past year, parish staff, stewards and construction professionals have been hard at work evaluating the needs of the parish campus. Behind the scenes, our building needs a lot of work. When building repairs consume unnecessary time and money, they distract us from serving God and his people. We need to act now.

Our Vision:

We have several projects that impact other areas of the parish building. With the right priorities in place, let's talk about an upgraded and inspiring parish campus that includes an updated worship space, air conditioning, attractive and functional gathering spaces, classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces. Our goal is to have the Holy Apostles’ parish campus ready to serve the next generations of Catholics!

The Urgency:

The air conditioning is ready to collapse, many parts of the building are at the end of their life-span and the kitchen grease trap is rusted through and in bad shape. We need to act now to prevent a disaster. And we need to think about other necessary updates that will show the important part our parish has in our lives.


In the near future we would like to ask all parishioners to help (come to the rescue) by making a three year pledge so that we can raise the money need and meet our goal!

The drawings below are architectural renderings of what the worship and exterior gathering space might look like after renovation.  Come to learn more and give your feedback at our Town Hall Meetings!

Holy Apostles - Exterior.jpg
Interior rendering - sanctuary.jpg

Getting Involved

Summary of Volunteer Teams

Please prayerfully consider participating in our upcoming capital campaign on a volunteer team. We are looking for parishioners who are interested in the mission and future of our church and faith. A capital campaign is more than just asking for funds for the good of the church—it is about ensuring the church’s vitality for Its current members and those who will join in the coming years. Your participation will provide the opportunity to:

  • Work with Fr. Jim, church leaders, staff, other members of your team, and the other campaign teams.

  • Share your expertise, ideas and energy.

  • Contribute to the campaign with a key element of a successful campaign—communication.

In January, the Feasibility Study results are shared and the capital campaign is promoted. In February, we form volunteer teams and begin getting information out about the campaign through March and April with multiple events and various communications. Prayer and discernment begin in April and we will celebrate Commitment Weekend by asking every family for a pledge.

The volunteer teams are as follows: Prayer, Events, Thanks, Youth, Ambassadors and Communications. Please prayerfully review summaries of each below.

Prayer Team

This team’s overall task is to focus the campaign on discerning God’s will for the church community and its individual members. The Prayer Team plans activities and/or events to bring the church community together in prayer. Examples of these activities include:

  • Creation of a Campaign Prayer

  • Planning of a prayer vigil or special prayer service

  • Creation of a prayer booklet that includes writing reflections or prayers for the campaign composed by team or congregation members

  • Engaging the entire congregation in prayer for the campaign at Sunday worship

Events Team

The Events Team has a very important and challenging role. Evidence shows that the success of a capital campaign directly correlates to the number of members who attend events prior to making a pledge. At the events, church members share in a dialogue with the pastor and other attendees to learn more about the goals of the campaign, ask questions, and offer their insights.

This team will work to:

  • Schedule events in conjunction with the pastor and the Church Development consultant

  • Develop a plan to get the best attendance at the events which includes sending invitations from the pastor and personally asking members to attend events

  • Follow up on invitations with phone calls and personal contact to maximize attendance

  • Keep track of who attends

  • Plan and coordinate the meals at each of these events

  • Arrange a campaign celebration soon after Commitment Sunday

Thanks Team

This team devises a process to recognize and thank those who make a contribution to the campaign. Church Development believes that each donor should get a personalized thank you letter from the pastor and a handwritten thank you card from the Thanks Team. The Thanks Team may also decide to provide small, inexpensive gifts to recognize each household that participates in the campaign. The Thanks Team is also charged with the following tasks:

  • Making a recommendation about public acknowledgement of donors or permanent display of gratitude to donors such as a plaque

  • Determining ways to thank donors upon completion of their commitment

  • The manner in which individuals are thanked during this campaign will have an effect on their participation in subsequent campaigns.

Youth Team

This team is made up of youth and adults. This team assists the church and the other campaign teams with the inclusion of children and youth in the process of the capital campaign. Examples of activities that encourage the involvement of children and youth include:

  • Inviting the younger children to earn money so they can participate in Commitment Sunday

  • Engaging the teens in a discussion about how they can raise money for the campaign

  • Having an event just for teens to discuss with the pastor how the campaign plans affect the youth

  • Designating a particular part of a new building project that the youth’s and children’s contributions will fund, such as church signage or a prayer garden

Youth involvement in this campaign is not only critical for the future of the church— it says to the youth that they are a big part of the church today.

Ambassadors Team

The Ambassadors Team influences the way church members will be approached for a pledge. The Ambassadors Team has two primary tasks:

  • Propose a process for asking members to contribute

  • Contact each member of the congregation to answer questions about the campaign and discuss the process for making a pledge

Communications Team

The Communications Team works closely with the Church Development consultant and gives guidance on the best way to communicate and educate the members about the campaign process and its goals. This team communicates regularly with the congregation about the purpose and details of the capital campaign through verbal and printed media. The Communications Team ensures that information is accurate and timely and also generates excitement for the campaign as Commitment Sunday approaches. The Communications Team focuses on these primary tasks:

  • Selection of a campaign slogan and graphic

  • Providing content for the Pledge Packet Brochure

  • Creating posters, banners, and a campaign progress chart to promote the campaign